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Award-winning teacher.  Selected by ASU President Crow as one of four President’s Professors at ASU in 2020. Permanent designation based on enthusiasm and innovation in undergraduate teaching, scholarly achievements, and the ability to motivate and inspire students.


Transborder Latin American Migration

Undergraduate course providing a historical and contemporary overview of Mexican and other Latin American migration into and within the U.S., and the role of U.S. immigration policy and other factors in shaping the experiences of Mexican, Central American, and other Latin American immigrant communities.


Social Demographics of Latinos

Provides an introduction to social demography, with a focus on diverse Latinx communities in the U.S. Topics covered include the social construction of race and ethnicity in the U.S., contrasts between U.S., Mexican and Brazilian understandings of race/ethnicity, and a nuanced understanding of patterns of fertility, mortality, migration, and residential segregation among and between Latinx peoples and others.


Transborder Research Methods

Undergraduate research course that emphasizes critical skills needed to conduct rigorous, scientifically relevant, and culturally competent research with and in service of Latinx communities at the U.S.-Mexican border and elsewhere.

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